Sunday, June 24, 2007

Phu Quoc Agarwood

Field survey of agarwood cultivation at Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam
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NAKASHIMA Eduardo Massao N. 1 NGUYEN Mai Thanh Thi 2 TRAN Quan Le 3 KADOTA Shigetoshi 4
1 Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University Japanese medicine laboratory
1Institute of Natural Medicine, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University 2Institute of Natural Medicine, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University 3National University 4Institute of Natural Medicine and Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University
Keyword agarwood tram Aquilaria crassna Vietnam
Sinking fragrance is valuable and the rare product with southeast Asian tropical rain forest. In Vietnam which is thought that the resource of good quality sinking fragrance is abundant, Aquilaria crassna ([jinchiyouge] course) it is collected from the heartwood. In investigation of the sinking fragrance in Vietnam, this time, Phu Quoc (the Hu cock) concerning the plantation, it actualized with the island it could obtain the information regarding cultivation by the surface talks for the people of local end. As a result, it was found that cultivation of the sinking fragrance by the islander every year has increased. The plantation of every place, kind, is done from the nursery stock, or the young tree with the other crop has raised because of the future profit. As for promoting and developing the plantation and, it comes to the point of taking the initiative, it probably to mean to correspond to the demand where in addition in the world marketplace is high you try the retention of the sinking fragrance raw wood of wildness.
Agarwood is one of most valuable minor forest products of tropical Southeast Asia forests. In Vietnam, considered as rich source of high quality product and agarwood is collected from heartwood of Aquilaria crassna (Thymelaeaceae). Continuing the survey of agarwood in Vietnam, it was carried out ON plantations at Phu Quoc Island and information about cultivation of agarwood was gathered from interview with local people. The results showed that cultivation of agarwood by islanders is increasing every year. Local plantations are based ON seeds, seedlings and Young Aquilaria trees, which grows together with other crops and for a future profit. The promotion and development of agarwood plantations would be an initiative to preserve natural Aquilaria trees and as well as supply the high demand for agarwood in world market.

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